Are Your Windshield Wipers Trying To Tell You Something?

Most of us have had the experience of being out driving when rain hits. All you do is turn on your windshield wipers and, whoosh, the water is swept away with barely a sound. However, what if instead of a quiet sweep of the blade you are greeted with a loud and piercing squeal? That could be a sign that your wiper blades need to be replaced.

Because of their relatively soft rubber construction, wiper blades get worn down over time, and become brittle and cracked with UV exposure from the sun. When this happens the metal of the wiper body can begin rubbing against the glass of the windshield in places. This causes the loud squealing sound and can also physically damage the glass itself.

If your wipers are making noise when in use they are trying to tell you something, and that something is to come to our service department at Savannah Fiat for a wiper blade replacement right away.

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