How Do Brake Pads Work?

The material that’s most commonly used to create brake pads is an amalgamation of steel, copper, iron, and graphite. A powerful substance is necessary to withstand the force and heat that brake pads endure. This material is economical and resilient.

As you depress the brake pedal, it creates a force that pushes the hydraulic fluid through the lines of the brake system. Fluid is the most practical source to travel through the lines because it cannot be compressed and is flexible. When it reaches each wheel, the fluid moves the caliper into action. The pads and rotor working together to stop your car is the result of the caliper’s pressure.

The sound of metal rubbing together is a strong indication that your brake pads should be replaced. Our technicians at the Savannah Fiat service center are here to help you with your vehicle’s service.

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