Discover How Your Alternator Works

Most of the equipment in new cars runs off electricity. This places a lot of pressure on the alternator. Where belts used to run an engine's crankshaft, newer cars are being built with larger battery packs that depend on the strength of the alternator. The alternator works to charge the battery, making sure that it maintains the power supply to keep your car engine running.

Alternators basically take the energy from rotating the engine and convert that into an electrical automotive force. This provides an electrical supply to the battery to keep it charged even while under load. Without an alternator, your battery would take a large hit to start up and then slowly decrease its voltage output until the car stops due to the lack of energy.

You can prevent an alternator from failing by having it checked by a mechanic. You can find an amazing Fiat service department located in Savannah, GA when you come to our dealership.

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