The Maintenance of Your Fuel System is Important

Checking the fuel system in your vehicle during scheduled maintenance is the first step to preventing fuel system failure at the worst possible time. Taking quick action to have your fuel system serviced will avoid being stranded on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. Take your vehicle to a service center if you notice any of the following signs of a failing fuel system.

  • The vehicle is losing power when put under stressful situations such as climbing a hill.
  • Sudden surging of the vehicle when driving at a consistent speed.
  • Gas mileage suddenly declines.
  • Sudden rise in the temperature gauge can mean the fuel pump is failing.
  • When driving at consistant speeds the engine sputters or stalls out.

The service technicians at Savannah Fiat are trained to find any fuel system problems your vehicle may be experiencing.

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