Making your car’s oil change dollar go farther

When it comes to having your oil changed, the 3,000-mile golden rule is not one to live by anymore, as it is very costly and wasteful. There have been a lot of advancements and upgrades in automobiles and in the oil that we put in new vehicles. The amount of distance that can be driven before a car’s oil must be serviced has increased.

This means that a driver can save almost two-thirds of their monthly oil change bill by saying no to the 3,000-mile rule, and instead adhering to their vehicle's warranty that states a much higher number. Perhaps some oil service centers don't want you to know about it this truth, but we here at Savannah Fiat want all of our local shoppers to realize that they can always come to us for their oil change needs. All maintenance records will show whether you are due for an oil change or not, and our certified technicians can get a service appointment in the books for you.

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